Thursday, 21 October 2021

What Would I Be Politically Without Yahaya Bello ..Kogi Deputy Governor

 Edward Onoja Deputy Governor Kogi State has taken out time to thank his Principal Yahaya Bello for finding him worthy to be so appointed 

Here is his statement on the anniversary 

In the early hours of 21st October 2019, there was still a distressing patina of uncertainty over my fate as the one designated to step in as Deputy Governor of Kogi State, following the exit of the previous occupant.

I had tarried in prayer all night, worried that events were pushing me towards an office I had never desired (at the time) and in which I might be less useful, or so I feared, to my boss, Governor Yahaya Bello. As his Principal Aide and Man-Friday at the time, I was ready to do all and everything he required of me, including resigning as Chief of Staff. While waiting in limbo till he had me sworn in as Deputy Governor, I took consolation in knowing that his nominating me to the post was the highest sign of his trust in me up to that moment.

Still, one is human and one had to worry by daybreak of the day of one's swearing-in and no one has been designated to swear you in by the Judicial Arm. Then at exactly 9 am a call came in and I was called forth to my investiture. A couple of hours later it was all over and I was the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, duly sworn in. I can only pray the Almighty God to continue resting the soul of Honourable Justice Nasir Ajanah, former Chief Judge of Kogi State. 

And that was how I joined the G74 in this country (if you know, you know). 

Since that day, His Excellency has ensured that I am the most visible, most active and most respected Deputy Governor in Nigeria. My office and the paraphernalia attaching to it, the duties he has assigned me all over the country, the personalities he has sent me to engage on his behalf and the unfettered access he graciously extends to me - are the stuff many of my colleagues tell me they can never dream of. 

On this commemoration of that day, I remember, and this is my song of gratitude:

To my boss, His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State who by nominating me said in essence that I was the one he trusted to be his No. 2 after a huge letdown by the one there before. Such trust is sacred and sacrosanct and Almighty God knows that I hold that act and several before in a realm beyond explanation.

To The Almighty God Himself who began ordering my steps in all the ways that I should go and into the things that I should become even before I was born - to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen!

Nothing else remains to be said except to acknowledge that Governor Yahaya Bello is the one whom God has used to unwrap my potentials, causing me to shine forth to the Glory of God and in service to our people.

No doubt, God can use His servant Governor Yahaya Bello to do the same for our country Nigeria. By the uniqueness of what only God can do, we look forward to it!

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