Saturday, 30 October 2021

Policeman Shot Girlfriend For Allegedly Refusing His Marriage Proposal ( Pictures)

 A policeman has allegedly shot a lady who allegedly rebuffed his marriage proposal 

This was how Fejiro Oliver Posted the incident 

Graphic images: Shot to near death by SARS Eno for refusing marraige 

Bishop Eno who I have attached his picture here is an officer of the Nigerian Police Force wearing SARS uniform and serving in Isoko.

For five years, he dated the lady attached, only for her to find out that he was married with a kid. He asked for her hand in marraige last week which she turned down.

Officer Eno then asked that she refunds the N1.5M he spent in opening shop for her which the family agreed to on Wednesday.

Brutal like the Edenic serpent, he couldn't wait for the day agreed as he went with a service pistol to the girlfriend's house and shot her. 

She almost passed on as she was rushed to a hospital in Warri where she was given oxygen.

Officer Eno is on the run and needs to be arrested.

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