Wednesday, 27 October 2021

My Wife Never Knew I Had No Legs Till We Got Married

 We were in a relationship for years and she thought I had both legs functioning well. I couldn't tell her I didn't have legs at all, till our wedding day and what she did shocked me.

I was born with both legs, but when I turned 7, I and my family fled to Congo due to war outbreak. On our way coming back, a bomb exploded and my legs were seriously damaged.

I went into coma and I woke up to find out that one of my legs was removed. After examinations, the doctors decided to remove the second leg. I woke up again and found the two legs removed and I started hat!ng doctors and I lost hope in life.

But then I met this woman when I went for a singing competition. I wore prosthetics and I could stand and walk with it. We talked for a while and from there we became friends. We started communicating and I fell in love with this woman.

When it was time to propose, i was scared to tell her I didn't have my two legs. She had been seeing me standing and walking with prosthetics. I never showed her my legs. I feared being rejected, and I was also discouraged by people who told me to look for a disabled partner. 

As time went by, it became a very difficult puzzle for me. She knew me and we had been in love for so long. I thought of getting married to her as she has always been there for me, but I had fear of showing her the way I am.

I thought if she knew I had no legs, she would break up and leave me so I didn't open up to her and she didn't know about it. 

We began to plan the wedding and I still kept my secret until the day of our wedding. We got married legally and in the church. 

After the wedding, we went home and I presented my shocking surprise. I showed her who I really was and she was......................" 

Ndayisenga expected his wife to divorce him but that was not the case, she ignored the handicap 

They have been married for eight months and they insist that their union is the best thing that has ever happened in their lives.

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