Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Meet World's Longest Serving Prisoner ( Been In Prison For 71 Years )

 Meet Francis Clifford Smith, Oldest Longest serving Prisoner in the World

He has been In Prison For 71years Since 1950 Celebrate His 94th birthday

He was commuted to prison when he was 23 years old.

He bagged a life imprisonment when he was found guilty of murder in 1950. He was born in October 9th 1924 in Connecticut, United States of America.

According to reports, he was arrested for murdering a security guard Grover Hart on July 23rd 1949 during a robbery at the age of 24.

The details of the murder are not clear and Smith may not have actually fired the weapon that killed Hart – Smith had two accomplices.

 Despite this, Smith was initially sentenced to death but narrowly managed to have his sentence changed (Smith already had his head shaved in preparation for the electric chair). 

In 1967, Smith escaped for 11 days when he was being transferred to a minimum security prison farm. Smith was recaptured, and since then he has not been in the news and has never sought to be released on compassionate grounds due to his age.

Francis has been in prison for the past 71 years of his life, and he's still alive. He's meant to remain in prison till he dies.

According to reports, he turned 94years few days ago

 Despite his age he will be detained till he dies in prison.

 He's being detained at Orsborm Correctional Institution prison in the US.

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