Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Keke Driver Rebuked By Friends For Returning N500,000 Gets Full Amount From Owner

 A Nigerian Keke driver who was laughed at after he got N5000 for returning N500,000 he found has now received additional cash gift from a sultan.

The Sultan of Sokoto gave the honest Keke driver N500,000 which is equal to the amount he returned.

The honest act of a Jos keke driver has paid off and opened another door of financial blessing for him.Mallam Tulu had returned N500,000 passengers forgot in his tricycle and was rewarded the sum of N5,000

His story went viral and earned him admiration as well as made the man a subject of mockery but now, a sultan has given him a cash reward equal to the money he found.

For his honesty, the man identified as Mallam Tulu had initially been given N5,000 but a kind-hearted sultan has now rewarded the uncommon act of the keke driver.

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