Saturday, 23 October 2021

Former FRSC Corps Marshal, Osita Chidoka Bags Law Degree ,Narrates Experiences

 Former Corps Marshal of FRSC Osita Chidoka has bagged a Law Degree from Baze University Abuja 

The politician and former Minister of Aviation narrates his experience at the University 

"Yes, I have graduated with an LLB Second Class Upper from Baze University. Tough journey. Imagine moving from Federal Executive Council to classroom with under 20s. I wore black trousers and a white shirt daily. Made an effort to enter the class before the lecturers, submitted assignments as at due dates. 

It was humbling, but it brought order to my life. After eight years of high-octane service, from FRSC to Aviation, Baze University was therapeutic.

School was not without distraction. I Left to run for Governor, came back. Left to manage the Atiku campaign election centre, came back.

School was not without its setbacks. On the campaign trail for the 2019 elections, I struggled with school work but thought I could wing it. Alas, I failed Evidence 1 taught by my friend Prof. Ojukwu. He refused to give me makeup midterm tests that I missed. Whenever I approached him, he would cheerfully gist and analyse the elections with me.

After each discussion, I went away confident he would reconsider. He did not. I went into the exam with 0/30. It was humbling, as I had not experienced examination failure before then. I nearly withdrew. 

I persevered. I re-registered Evidence 1 and attended Prof Ojukwu's lectures, participated in all class assignments and followed his teaching style. I  passed very well. Setbacks and failures are part of life. Face them squarely.

At Baze, I got no preferential treatment, and the school enforced rules. I highly recommend the university to aspiring students.

My wife can't wait to form a law partnership with me, Chidoka and Chidoka, where she would be the senior partner. Chidinma daalu, for all the support and tutorials, I hope your seniority ends at the bar and not near our bedroom. 

To my Children, thank you for all the support and be reminded that I will not accept a degree less than a second class upper. If I can do it at old age, you have no excuse. 

Today, I attended the convocation with pride. Hopeful of the future, proud that I applied Uche in learning and Uchu in Perseverance and commitment to earn a law degree."

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