Sunday, 17 October 2021

Between Baba Suwe And His Abandoned Medical Doctor Son

Babatunde Omidina, a Nigerian actor and comedian, popularly known as Baba Suwe, has asked for forgiveness from his ex-wife and son that he allegedly dumped in 1982. 

Baba Suwe had allegedly chased away his first Iya Suwe when she was pregnant for him sometimes in 1982. Iya Suwe, not discouraged by how Baba Suwe treated her, went ahead to raise the child alone and gave him a befitting education. The said child is now a medical doctor and he's the one taking care of the Baba Suwe who's critically ill. 

Baba Suwe, who bursted into tears while speaking on the matter said "I have really learnt my lesson in a hard way. I offended the mother and the boy, and even God, but they didn't punish me despite how I maltreated them. They didn't abandon me, as I abandoned them. They are taking good care of me. I really thank my ex-wife for her kind heart"

Baba Suwe, however, admonished both young men and women to learn from this issue so as to amend where necessary. 

"It's a lesson for everyone. Those people that I rejected are now my helpers ", Baba Suwe said.

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