Thursday, 23 September 2021

Your Social Media Attacks , Irrebuttable Evidence Of Frustration..Ebonyi Govt Tells PDP


We have tracked the social media post by a busy body who presents himself  as *Joseph Silas Onu,* State PDP Publicity Secretary, and we have noted  the content of his lifeless  publication dated ,21st September,2021 and the mischief sought to ochestrate. 

We state in clear terms that the reasoning  canvassed in his publication, in all ramifications, depicts a man of  shallow mental comprehension of the workings of government and a political extremist who glories in dishonourable idiosyncracy and unwholesome political mood pattern.

We are not surprised about  the  motive for the incoherent argument of  *Joseph Silas Onu* for we are aware that he has got no  idea to offer to save his highly fractionalized Party in the State, but thinks his mandate is to  feed the gullible with  unfounded alarm 

It is only a feeble minded personality or a half-baked character that can misunderstand the clear word 'concession' as used in the soundly and unambiguously couched State Government's letter     being cited by *Joseph Silas Onu.*

It is a common knowledge that  by the creation of the   Ministry of Infrastructure Development  for  Concession, Government's Policy direction on the concession   of critical Infrastructure is a concept which governs economical benefits derived from a concession arrangement.Concession  here contemplates an arrangement for someone or organisation to run a business belonging to another and nothing pretentious.

 The state government's decision to seek financial assistance and her intention to have  Federal government supervise the concession  of the State International Airport is one of the strategic policy initiatives of Government aimed at  enhancing greater capacities in the development  and sustenability of the various life transforming economic  facilities created by Ebonyi State government in order to enhance  job opportunities and engender economic stability in the state.

The various economic facilities created by this administration, including the Shopping Mall, the State Christian  Ecumenical Centre, the International Airport, the Margaret Umahi International Market, the University of Medical Sciences, the various Industrial Clusters among others are viable ecomomic stimulation ventures that are by their nature  amazing money- spinners  that require Public Private Partnership in funding and management.

It is therefore not out of place that the State Government has the intention to have Federal Government supervise the concession of one of her critical infrastructure. This is moreso as Federal Government has regulatory and supervisory  powers over Airport construction and management structure in Nigeria.

It has become obvious therefore that the officials running the affairs of PDP  especially the likes of *Joseph Silas Onu* are fragile adminstrative toddlers who are unfit to  earn the people's mandate at any level  of Government because of the level of their intelligence quotient.

We therefore urge members of the public to distance themselves from the dark and clueless argumentations of these political jobbers and their league of fake alarmists who think that party politics is run in dead conscience.

Hon. Barr. Orji Uchenna Orji

(Commissioner for Information and State Orientation Ebonyi State)

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