Thursday, 30 September 2021

Lady To FG, Shutdown All DNA Test Centres In Nigeria ,It Causes Disaffection


A Nigerian woman identified as Maryconstance Oguolu, has condemned the establishment of new DNA laboratories in Nigeria.

Due to the high rate of paternity fraud in Nigeria, a medical doctor disclosed that a new DNA lab is opening in Lekki, Lagos and there would be a discount on DNA tests.

Reacting, Maryconstance took to Facebook to state that it is wickedness on the part of the owners to open such and also run a promotion to encourage men to come for the test.

She further advised men to consider the emotional health of the wife and kid before conducting DNA tests and also urged the governments to close such centres across the country.

The woman wrote; ”This one is just out to ruin families. It is not fair at all.

It is not fair at all… before you do this, consider the emotional health of your wife and the child.

I hope government sees this and shut it down before a lot of women go into depression or commit suicide.

Remember, that child called you FATHER first.

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