Wednesday, 1 September 2021

An Unbeliever Dashed Me £5.2m (N3.5bn ) To Build My New Church...Rev Esther Ajayi

 Popular Nigerian Cleric, Reverend Mother Esther Ajayi, has narrated how an unbeliever was instrumental in building her new Cathedral in Lagos. The Reverend also revealed that the said unbeliever had earlier bought a church worth £5.2 million for her in London.

Esther Ajayi made her revelations during a visit to her Cathedral in Victoria Island, Lagos state, by the spiritual head of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), Mobiyina Emmanuel Oshoffa, and his entourage.

It is often said that the Lord works in mysterious ways as many Christians believe that the ways of God are not the ways of men. A Nigerian Cleric has narrated her personal experience with a couple that was instrumental in the growth of her ministry in Nigeria and abroad. Esther Ajayi is the head of the Love of Christ ministry (popularly known as LOC).

Sharing her story, Esther Ajayi said, "I have never experienced such type of mercy before. It all started when the barren wife of a Nigerian bank manager approached me for prayers in London, and we prayed. After praying, God revealed to us that the woman will bear a male child, Samuel. As foretold, the said woman gave birth to a male child but she was disobedient, as she travelled to America for childbirth. Unfortunately, she got infected with a popular virus during childbirth, and she eventually died of complications 11 days after giving birth. Her son survived."

Narrating further, Esther Ajayi added, "I travelled to Nigeria to bless the event centre of the deceased woman's husband, and during my mission, the husband of the deceased proposed the land beside the event centre to me for sale. I prayed on the said land and invited other clerics to do the same for me. Upon travelling back to London, I was approached by another couple that had earlier gifted me my church in London. The incident proved to me that you don't have to know Jesus before he gives you visions, as it is stated in the book of Daniel Chapter 3."

Revealing how the couple in London were instrumental to the Cathedral, Esther Ajayi said, "The husband of the couple in London is an unbeliever, and I am still making efforts to convert them. The husband informed me that he dreamt of building a Church for me in my country (Nigeria), although they had earlier bought a Church worth £5.2 million for me. I showed the couple some photos of the land I saw in Nigeria, and they paid for the land and the construction of the Cathedral. No one can convince me otherwise about Jesus. They fully paid for the building project."

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