Sunday, 29 August 2021

Yoruba First Class Monarch Mocks ex Wife Who Failed At Attempt To Blackmail Him

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi has thrown a jab at his ex-wife, Chanel Chin and compared her to Toronto sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo, who both attempted to extort businessman, Femi Otedola in exchange for keeping their affair with him quiet.

Recall that Canada-born Chanel Chin released a video of the monarch rolling up a joint to smoke after she granted an interview accusing him of numerous vices including sleeping with their 13-year-old maid and the daughter of a petty trader who displays her wares in front of his palace.

Taking to his official social media account on Saturday, August 28, the Oluwo mocked a certain enemy who has a child for him, recorded their activities in the bedroom during a “fraudulently arranged relationship” and attempted to extort him with a video.

“My Enemies has lost and I rejoice over them !!! Victorious Faces of a king that overcome all his enemies including the one that sleeps in my bed, have a child, poisoned, took contract money for my life, recorded every movement in the bedroom and palace for 4 years of a fraudulently arranged relationship, asking for settlement money not to release video but never got a dime like the Chief Femi’s Toronto Indian girls in 2017 who were obviously her known associates,” he wrote.

But one secret they don’t know about me is the Power and will of Olodumare God Almighty who is worthy of praise and will never leave His ordained Servant to be scorned by enemies !! Kings,even fake mighty kings, people of different status and frenemies gathered against me but in the name and of Olodumare.

“He helped me destroy them all and I’m always and born ready any day, anytime,hours, minutes and seconds of their schemes and with same name and power of God Almighty Olodumare… they will still be destroyed. How has life of shame been treating you losers ???? Hahahaha,” he concluded.

The Oluwo and his ex Jamaican wife went their seperate ways in 2019 following allegations of domestic violence, inabilty to take responsibility for his family among several issues.

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