Thursday, 19 August 2021

Armed Robbers Attack Empty Bullion Van

 Barely three weeks after some armed men attacked a bullion van in Ondo town, some daredevil armed men again attacked another bullion van in Emure Ile in Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

The robbers who attacked the bullion van belonging to a commercial bank started shooting at the van in motion, hitting one of the police escorts in the process.

The hoodlums, however, were disappointed to have found out that the bullion van was empty with no cash and had to leave the area.

According to a source in the community, who explained that the hoodlums blocked the van and started shooting and the police escorts returned fire.

He said the operation was less than ten minutes and the robbers had to leave the scene of the incident immediately but said one police officer was hit by the robbers’ bullet.

He said the gunmen started shooting into the air to scare the residents of the community away and escape from the area.

“However, the armed robbers during the gun duel shot one of the policemen but left the place without any money,” he said

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