Saturday, 14 August 2021

Angels Bank Alerts:The Holy Spirit Has Instructed Me Not To Appear In Court .. Apostle Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman who alleged he credited his members Bank accounts through Angels says he has been instructed not to appear in court if summoned to prove his allegations 

Read his comment 

" I was just thinking that Israel Goodnews Balogun will just tender an apology for calling me a Criminal but rather,  he escalated everything and got too many people and lawyers involved. 

Balogun is my brother and I don't want to appear at the Court against my fellow Christian brother but for that Miracle Money Service and Teleporting my Spiritual son from Germany to France, the court cannot order me to prove it rather they should go and question the holy spirit that directed me because I don't take any action without the instructions of the holy spirit.

I have tried to call Balogun and his team to settle with them without going to court but they have refused to even give me a listen hear.

Holy spirit has instructed me not to go to court  and I will not disobey the holy spirit and I'll beg the public to please refrain from abusing the Angels that sent the money to those that were in need. "

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