Friday, 16 July 2021

Zenith Bank Security Guard Arrested While Planning To Kidnap Manager


Police in Edo have arrested two men who planned to kidnap a bank manager after a co-conspirator had a change of heart and reported the planned abduction.

Felix Alika and Suleiman Basiru were arrested for the planned kidnap of Raphael Ibodeme, manager of a Zenith Bank branch in Ekpoma.

Alika, a security staff of the bank, planned the kidnap with Bashiru and a named Akhere.

Few days to the planned kidnap, Akhere changed his mind and reported the plan to police, prompting the arrest of his co-conspirators.

Alika told police on interrogation that the bank manager was criminal as well and was behind the bank robbery in the area.

It was learnt the police investigation later revealed that  Alika have been having a running battle with the manager over insubordination, prompting administrative decisions.

The quarrel prompted Alika to contact Akhere, who was to hire other gangmembers, for the planned kidnap.

Meanwhile Edo state police public Relations officer, SP Kontongs  Bello, said the report from anti-kidnapping squad of the state command said the security guard, Alika, lied against  Ibodeme.

He assured that the suspects would be charged to court for attempted kidnapping.

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