Saturday, 31 July 2021

Senator Grace Bent After My Life ...FFK Ex Wife Precious Chikwendu Raises Alarm

 Ex Wife of former Aviation Minister Femi Fani Kayode, Precious Chikwendu has raised an alarm over an alleged attempt on her life by a former female Senator Grace Bent.

This was her post on her social media handle 


This is to notify the general public about a direct threat to my life by one Senator Grace Folashade Bent (nee Makinwa) from Adamawa State. 

For a longtime, I had no idea who Senator Bent was until I shared a public space with her at an event years ago. Thereafter, I saw her twice in court standing in for her friend, Femi Fani-Kayode, with whom I am currently embroiled in a Court battle for the custody of my four beautiful children. 


Few hours ago, I got a call from a family friend whom I hold in high esteem asking me to come over. I did only to be informed by my family friend that Senator Bent claimed that I hired assassins to harm her and her daughter using my “FANS”. As risible and  ridiculous her allegation sounded to me the fact is that I have no personal grouse with the Senator nor her daughter. It is to be noted that a call was put across to the Senator in my presence and I emphatically reiterated my lack of interest in her and indifference to her involvement with my case in court, since the final decision in the custody battle isn't hers to make. Senator Grace Bent then went berserk on a cursing spree, threatening to deal with me both in her personal capacity and using the DSS and the Police.


As previously stated, Senator Bent has been beside FFK on a number of occasions, in the custody matter pending in Court. Since the institution of that suit, Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) has engaged in surreptitious and subterranean shenanigan mendacity in order to keep me out of circulation. Further, using some unscrupulous law enforcement agents, even former domestic staff had been harassed incessantly and illegally detained for no justifiable reasons, in the false hope of getting them intimidated and unable to act as potential witnesses for me in my child custody matter. 

In continuation of the illegal and wanton acts of harassment and intimidation; apparently Senator Bent, obviously acting at the behest of a person wanting to pervert the course of justice, is trying to lay a foundation for a future Police or DSS harassment by a ruse of falsity! The odious allegation by Senator Bent is merely a subterfuge to launch another frivolous petition or report to the Police or DSS, all in a desperate attempt to cow me into submission over the pending custody matter between me and  Fani-Kayode. 

I have no fear of the Senator, who is running the errands for her boss. Suffice it to state for the discerning public that in the event that any harm come to me in the course of the custody battle pending in Court, both Femi Fani-Kayode and Senator Bent are to be held to account and responsible!

I have decided to put this matter into the public domain because Senator Bent on 29th July 2021, verbally threatened to deal with me using the Police and the DSS. Given the antecedents of her collaborator-in-chief, there is no iota of doubt that they are indeed trying to use law enforcement agents to accomplish their dastardly and nefarious agenda against me!

Given my previous experience of bestial brutality using the same methodology; I wish to place it on public record that Senator Bent not only falsely accused me, but also audaciously and contumaciously threatened me before witnesses. I have chosen to make this public as it is clear to me that all of this is geared towards muscling me to get off my custody suit, which is now pending before the Court of Appeal over an interlocutory issue filed by FFK in an attempt to frustrate the substantive matter.

Thank you.

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