Tuesday, 6 July 2021

I Did Not Call Igbos Slaves...AGF Malami

The Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN), has denied claims that he authored a derogatory post on Igbo and Hausa.

 A statement issued by his Special Assistant on Media and Public Relations, Umar Gwandu, said that Malami did not write or contemplate such a post.

The post in question, inscribed in an image, exalted an ethnic group while describing other groups with uncouth remarks.

The post reads: "Igbos are stupid and unruly. 

They are the problem in this country. The Hausa recognizes their position as conquered slaves. 

They recognize the supremacy of the Fulani. The Hausas are happy being our slaves and we treat them well. The Hausa will not seek to sit on the same table with their masters. They will not demand to be in government. 

They know it is Haram. The kobokobo Igbos will not take their place as the conquered slaves they are. They refuse Fulani grazing on their land."

Reacting to the post, Malami's Special Assistant on Media and Public Relations said: "The Attorney -General of the Federation and Minister of Justice did not write and has never contemplated writing or posting such derogatory remarks or cast aspersions on any tribe or section of the multi-cultural and diverse communities in the country.

"Malami is known to be a patriotic Nigerian and non-tribal partisan who believes in equality, fairness and justice to all regardless of any inclination to tribe, location or gender."

Umar Gwandu added that the grammatical flaws, apparent illogicalities and divisionary tendencies as well as lack of respect for diversity in humanity make it incongruous to believe that the post was from Malami.

"The office of the Attorney -General of the Federation and Minister of Justice calls on the general public to disregard the post. It was created and circulated by mischief makers and purveyors of hatred who are bent on destroying the hard-earned reputation of the minister," Gwandu said.

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