Thursday, 15 July 2021

Electoral Act : Nigerians Are Rabble Rousers...Senate President

 Senate President Ahmed Lawan has labelled Nigerians accusing the Senate of not being transparent in the amendment of the electoral act as rabble rousers 

Hear him 

“On the Electoral Act Amendment Bill, there are various accusations, insinuations that the leadership of the Senate, some time, the leadership of the National Assembly had tampered with the report of the committee on INEC of both chambers.

“My telephone line and that of the honourable speaker were published. In one day, I received over 900 messages saying we have manipulated this, we didn’t. We will do what is right, we have our procedures and lobbying is part of democracy.

“Some of those accusing the leadership of the National Assembly and misinforming innocent people are simply mischievous and rabble-rousers.

“If anybody feels very strongly about anything, lobby distinguished senators to canvass your position, rather than blackmail our leadership.

Ahmad Lawan,  Senate President accusing Nigerians of embarking on ‘calculated blackmail’ against the leadership of the National Assembly over Electoral Act Amendment Bill yesterday.

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