Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Nigerians Lambast Chris Okotie Over Comment On T B Joshua

 Many Nigerians have taken to social media to lambast Pastor Chris Okotie over his comment on the demise of Pastor T B Joshua 

Okotie had taken to his verified social page to post this on the founder of Synagogue of All Nations Ministry 

His post

" Hebrews 1:13... Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool (Hupopodion/Greek) 

The wizard at Endor who assumed the title Emmanuel, has been consumed by divine indignation. And now his disciples bewail his ignominious exit. 

No marvel, one third of God’s angels followed the disgraced anointed cherub Lucifer!! 

Jehovah-Jesus our mighty gladiator has broken the head of the dragon with his mighty blows. He has descended from the mountain of spices with the fiery sword of his indignation. Glorious in his apparel and traveling in the greatness of his strength, he goes conquering and to conquer the adversaries of his church. 

Let those who swear by the Lord and by Malcham and the descendants of Haman, now tremble in fear. The day of the vengeance of our God has fully come to Nigeria. And they shall not escape. Operation Hupopodion (footstool) has commenced.

More Power To You !!! "

Rev Chris Okotie

One of the respondent 

Opeoluwa Awoniyi wrote on Pastor Chris comment page on this post 

"When you declared your intention to run for the office of the President of Nigeria, I joined fresh party because you sounded pretty clear about the problem of Nigeria. I even joined your church. 

However, when you said "God told you that you would become the president", I became worried because I knew then God doesn't promise political offices to people. I detected a dint of a dictator in you. But I kept praying for you.

Then when you lost the election and would remain adamant that it was your mandate, I became alarmed.

Then when you took up issues with TB Joshua and used all manners of polemic diatribe to describe him, I believed something was awfully wrong. 

Then when you took up religious arms against Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to the extent that you called him a devil associate of Prophet TB Joshua, I had to make a U-turn. The final blow was when you published the last outcast, and I bought a paperback copy at the church office from the secretary, only to discover right at the reception office that the copy was poorly printed. 

I asked the PA for the hardcover version offering to pay the difference in the cost, and she refused arrogantly telling me to drop the book if I didn't want it, and I did without getting a refund of my money (750 naira), then I knew there was a major character issue with you that would not be easily detected. 

Now you came here to desecrate the memory of the dead without a slightest care for his person as a human. Even the devil gets to receive his dues. 

In my opinion,  I think you're the most gifted and pompous pop-singer turned preacher cum wannabe president that Nigeria has ever produced.

Lest I forget, when you celebrated your 50th birthday and decorated the entire church auditorium with beautiful chandelier and new chair upholstery, and paid Ebenezer Obey a million naira to perform at the venue, just remember that the prophet you just lambasted celebrated his by treating the poor, the disabled and rejected in society to a lavish party. 

Coincidentally both of you, including my humble self are all born in June.

I can't insult you because you're a Man of God. But you're yet to acquire true humility and the true knowledge of Christ. You can speak with the tongue of Angels but if you lack charity, you're like a sounding gong.

I'm neither a member of scoan nor a member of his family. But you lack proper spiritual decorum and it's unbecoming of a man of your statue.

By the way, you still owe me the 750naira I paid for your book, over a decade ago, plus interest."

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