Thursday, 20 May 2021

Breaking : UN Warns Staff Over Potential Protests By Islamic Movement Of Nigeria Over Israeli, Palestinian Conflict

 The United Nations Department of Security and Safety has warned its staff in Nigeria of a possible protest by some Islamic Movement Of Nigeria over the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinians

This was contained in a news flash obtained by CKN News 

The statement 

"Available Information indicates that members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria  (IMN) have the concluded plans to carryout Protest in solidarity with Palestine . 

The IMN intends to visit key locations such as  US/UK/ISREAL Embassies  during their protest. The Host Government Police has  deployed Tactical Teams in those areas.

At this point it is not clear if they will be visiting the UN House or the Palestinian Embassy.  The time of the planed demonstration is also unclear.

UN personnel are advised to avoid those areas and use alternative routes " 

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