Thursday, 13 May 2021

26 Year Lady Dies After Twins Birth Via Caesarean Surgery

A 26 year old lady Chimsomaga Alia from Avutu village in Obowo LGA of Imo State has died from complications arising from a caesarean operation. 

Mrs Alia was delivered of a set of twins but died from what her husband described as negligence on the part of medical staff that handled her birth.

This is the tribute by her husband Alia Matthew Uzochukwu 

"In a few days, ' my destiny-in-marriage ' will be laid to rest and I can't help thinking back how all this horror movie started from no where.

Chisom didn't deserve to die, I don't deserve this fate. She was so prayerful and full of life until I came to the hospital that fateful evening.

Pained out from the complicated CS, and its accompanied bleeding, I saw my woman looking pale and weak but she was still hopeful that she would be alright, somehow, for such was her faith in God. I remember vividly her words, " Sugar I did it, I did this for us. Do you like our babies ? I hope they are beautiful ? "

Then came the most hellish and haunting moment of my life. I had been called by the mother who said that Som Som wanted to see me.

I dashed into the room where she was lying and knew that something was wrong, devastatingly wrong. She was there staring at me as if she wanted to say something, her mouth made no sounds, there was this look on her face as if to say BABY, PLEASE HELP ME.

I was horrified and felt even guilty, I couldn't do anything and she stared a little more and finally succumbed to the gnarling pains.

So, our love story goes cold😭😭😭.

Som Som, I am so sorry it has to be this way, life wasn't fair to us, it wasn't.

How can a lady who never showed anger die ? How can the lady who was just happy to live and  see me happier die ?  What kind of life does this wickedness ?

I have dedicated my life to cherish what is left of us, our children. They are growing up fine. I have named our daughter after you, Chimsom. 

Our son Kambiri is doing just fine too, he is a voracious eater and has a way of being stubborn in a sweet way. Chimsom is a Drama Queen, calculated and always giving me trouble especially during the milk feeding session where she would simply hold back the milk in her mouth instead of swallowing and would then let it out, making a mess of herself. This is fun that I regret you are not here to share with me.

Yes, I have gotten a nanny, it is noteworthy that she is the same woman that carried you as an infant and tended you, I went for her because your mummy told me how she took care of you in your infancy. She will be giving all her care to our babies while I in return see she is paid handsomely, I have no other life away from Kambiri and Chimsom.

I loved you and will always do, have you considered why I always come to check on you at the Mortuary, I guess the attendants at the mortuary are already tired of my familiar teary face. What do they know ?

Words elude me. Reason cannot appeal to me, just rest on my Woman. You were too precious for this imperfect world.

You would have still been the living mother of twins ( Mama Ejima ) if not for that useless doctor and his ineptness. Rest In Peace My Angel, you are an Angel." 

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