Monday, 12 April 2021

I Have Forgiven Ailing Ada Jesus...Actress Rita Edochie...I Won't Forgive Her... Indabosky Odumeje

  Veteran actress, Rita Edochie has taken to her Instagram account to post a lengthy video to tell her fans that she has finally forgiven a social media comedienne, Ada Jesus.

Born Mercy Ginikachukwu, the comedienne made claims that Anambra-based prophet, Chukwuemeka Odumejeje connives with Rita Edochie to stage fake miracles. Ada Jesus further alleged that she helps Edochie get men to sleep with her.

However, months after she made the allegations, Ada Jesus was diagnosed with a kidney problem that left her incapacitated.

Due to these allegations, Edochie vowed never to forgive the skit maker for her utterances. It was reported that Edochie in the presence of her church members and Ada’s family she stated that the sick comedienne will never recover because of the lies she told against her.

Making a u-turn, the veteran actress, stated that she has been vindicated and she has forgiven Ada Jesus ‘from her heart of heart.’ The actress then went on to warn those who criticize men of God.

She said, “My great people in the world. I am happy you have all seen the lies Ada Jesus heaped on me. I am happy that I have been vindicated. A lot of people called me from every part of the world asking me to forgive her because I said I will not forgive her. I am here to tell all of you that I have forgiven Ada Jesus. 

From my heart of heart Ada Jesus, I have forgiven you. But I want to sound a note of warning. Stop insulting men of God, particularly, my man of God, Prophet ChukwuemekaOhanemere Odumejeje. I am comfortable staying with him. Leave us alone. Ada Jesus from my heart, I forgive you.”

Meanwhile, it was gathered that the comedienne’s family took her to Odumejeje’s church to beg for forgiveness but the pastor vowed not to forgive her until she produces those she claimed he connives with to stage fake miracles.

So far, Rita Edochie and Ada Jesus are trending at number seven and eight on Twitter respectively. While Rita Edochie has garnered over 3,000 tweets, Ada Jesus has garnered over 2,000 tweets.

Airing her opinion on the issue, Chinwe via her handle @Chylife6 tweeted, ” If as a Christian you decide to lose faith as a result of Odumeje, Rita Edochie and Ada Jesus saga, you simply have been looking for a reason to lose faith and it isn’t necessarily caused by what happened. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of your faith.”

KingAlpha Shaaba with his handle @KingalphaShaaba opined that the skit maker’s illness can be cured through science. “I swear on my life that Ada Jesus situation is not witchcraft, a thorough medical investigation should be done. I’m sure that girl was poisoned or injected with a substance. Pastors will just do things in this country and get away with it.”

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