Monday, 15 March 2021

I Kept My Virginity For 26 Years Only To Have Sex With Six Men Within 11 Months...Lady Laments

A lady has lamented how she preserved her virginity for 26 years only to end up sleeping with six different men within eleven months

Her story

I am 26 years old. When I was growing up I made up my mind to remain a virgin till my wedding night. I have 3 elder sisters and none is married. I have been so scared that I am not going to get married as well.  

I kept up the fight till my 25th birthday last year. I began having doubts that if I stayed without a boyfriend I’d never get married and I needed someone that will be helping me financially and all the men coming wanted sex, so I decided to have a boyfriend and then deflowered myself.

I am ashamed of myself now because from November 2019 to October 2020, I have slept with six men and none of them have proposed marriage to me, the issue now is that they only want my body and nothing else!

I have become a shadow of myself, I am depressed and ashamed of myself. Each time I go through your articles especially the one you wrote about a 25-yr- old virgin that is getting married very soon, I cry in regret wondering why I didn’t wait for God’s time!

 God’s time is the best my brethren, please pray for me to stay chaste and wait for the right man. 

I am now waiting for God’s will on my matter.

God will bless you ma!

First published in The Nation Newspaper

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