Thursday, 18 February 2021

Why I Married Tonto Dikeh's Ex Husband...Actress

Controversial actress, Rosy Meurer, has taken to social media to explain how she got entangled with fellow actress, Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, and ended up as his wife.

Mr Churchill confirmed his marriage to the 29-year-old actress on her birthday on Tuesday and it threw social media into a frenzy as the couple had vehemently denied being an item in the past.

In a question and answer session on her Instagram page on Wednesday, Ms Meurer told her curious followers that she was not responsible for the collapse of her husband’s previous marriage to Tonto.

She said even though she described Mr Churchill as a brother in the past, they are not related by blood, and that her marriage to him is nothing but the will of God taking place in her life.

“No one broke anyone’s home. It is just what it is. Life happened. Some things you don’t plan. I let God’s will in my life take place. I lost my own relationship in the middle of all the online banter then, something that didn’t concern me. Life goes on.

“He’s like my brother doesn’t make him my blood. I’ve known him for donkey years, he had his life and I had mine. I never looked at him in that way.

“He got married eventually and unfortunately only God knows what really happened and why it ended the way it did and why I was dragged into what I had no knowledge of. I still remained a part of his life like I always have.

“Just this time, he was broken and just off, shattered. I still had no interest in him. Still looked at him the same way with just so much pity this time. Time healed him. Two years ago he proposed, one year ago he did the necessary rights. By the grace of God today we are happy,” she wrote.


The Gambian-Nigerian actress added that she never dreamt that she would end up marrying her husband and that if anyone had said that to her before, she would have told the person to dream on because she was in love with another man at the time.

When asked why she went ahead with the marriage knowing that there would be a huge backlash when the news got out, the actress said she followed her happiness because she would not allow backlash to change her destiny.

“I genuinely had nothing to do with him then like I said. In the future, nature and destiny took its course,” she said.

“I merely stated the fact then. He cared for me and my siblings like his younger ones. Brother doesn’t mean blood. If destiny changes that in the future, who am I to oppose?”

Responding to comments by fans who said she would eventually go through everything Tonto experiences while she was married to Churchill, Meurer said she feels unbothered.

She added that if he goes on to marry someone else in the future, she would not complain.

“Then that is how God wants it. So be it. When God removes something from my life I do not complain. God always has a plan and I believe in Him,” she said.

Rosy Meurer gained notoriety when Tonto Dikeh accused her of sleeping with her then-husband in 2017.

Meurer, who describes herself as a Gambian-born Nigerian actress, is best known for her role in Ayo Makun’s 2018 movie: Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons.

Her movie credits include ‘Weekend Getaway’ (2012), TV series ‘Oasis’ (2014), ‘Damaged Petal’ (2015), ‘Red Card’ (2015), and ‘Open Marriage’(2015).

Others are ‘Karma’ (2018), ‘Accidental Affair’ (2019), and ‘Circle of Sinners’ (2020).

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