Thursday, 11 February 2021

Senate President Embarrasses Aide For Not Wearing Facemask

President of the Senate Ahmed Lawan on Wednesday rattled a legislative aide for failing to wear facemask at the premises of the National Assembly.

A statement by Mr. Ezrel Tabiowo, his Special Assistant on Press Wednesday in Abuja, said that Lawan was entering the National Assembly Complex when he spotted the aide (name withheld), standing at the lobby without a facemask.

He said the Senate President upon seeing him, stopped and rattled him for not wearing a facemask, “where is your facemask,’’ he said.

“The legislative aide who was not expecting the question, mumbled, it is in my pocket, sir, while making frantic effort to retrieve his facemask from his pocket,” he said. Lawan watched as the aide tried to reach for his facemask, and thereafter, proceeded to his office

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