Friday, 5 February 2021

Did Murdered US Based Edo Prince Inadvertently Attract His Misfortune Through His Actions ? ( Watch Videos)

 Did Prince Dennis Abuda inadvertently exposed himself unnecessarily through his actions which led to his kidnap and eventual killing by his abductors. 

This has been the question on people's lips since the news of the death of the US based businessman from Fugar Edo State.

Recent videos circulating on social media revealed that he has been going around from one social gathering to another spraying dollar notes.

This to so many people could have attracted some undesirable elements to cash on .

Report has it that his corpse was recovered along the Benin Ore Expressway where it was dumped by his kidnappers after collecting a huge sum from his family

The Edo State Police Command says some suspects have been arrested and are being interrogated over the incidence .

These are some of the videos showing Prince Abuda spraying dollars at social events recently in Nigeria 

Video 1

Video 2

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