Sunday, 3 January 2021

Married Bricklayer Digs Tunnel To His Mistress’s House, Gets Caught By Her Husband


A married bricklayer identified as Antonio from Villas del Prado 1 worked on an underground tunnel to get to the home of his secret lover Pamela.

Using his experience in construction, he dug a tight but durable tunnel that crossed several streets from his home to that of Pamela’s.

The lovers met in secret whenever Pamela’s husband Jorge was at work but they got busted on a day Jorge returned home sooner than expected.

On the day the illicit affair was found out, Jorge walked in on the two cheaters in bed. The bricklayer slipped under the bed and disappeared into the “love tunnel.”

A furious Jorge searched for Antonio all over the house and found the tunnel entrance when he looked under his marital bed.

Jorge went into the tunnel that led him to Antonio’s home.

The shamed bricklayer pleaded with Jorge to keep things quiet as his wife was in the next room and he didn’t want her to know of his extramarital affair.

Jorge was further enraged with the two exchanging blows. Antonio’s surprised wife called the police and the cheating scandal was exposed.

News and photos of the “love tunnel” were leaked on Mexican social media last week and quickly went viral. The story was covered by national and international news outlets, with Antonio drawing comparisons with drug kingpin El Chapo.

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