Sunday, 31 January 2021

How My Elder Brother's Two Children Died In Our Custody ..Suspected Kidnapper

Two suspected kidnappers on Friday disclosed how kidnapped siblings, Thompson and Samson Onibokun died in their custody while awaiting the  N25 million ransom demanded from the parents.

The suspects, Isa Memudu, 30, and Yusuf Muideen, 21, who were paraded by Osun state police command headquarters, confessed to kidnapping the children on a football field in the evening at Iludun community in Osogbo.

Muyideen, a 200-level Public Administration student said the children were his elder brother’s and was lured into kidnapping them by his herdsman friend, who he had known since childhood.

“I know Isa in my neighbourhood. I am from Iragbiji, Osun State. I am an undergraduate I am in 200-level. I am studying public admin. The herdsman talked me into kidnapping. 

We have been friends since birth in Iludun/Kelebe. We stopped a commercial motorcyclists to abduct the children. The bike dropped us before we went into hiding. They are my elder brother’s children. I am not living with my brother. We don’t know that the children will die”, he said. 

Meanwhile, Isa, who claimed to be an apprentice at a mechanic workshop and also an herdsman, said the children were kept at bush he knew while rearing cattle, adding that he knew the children from the neighborhood prior to kidnapping them.

He added that his accomplice, Muyideen, knew the parents mobile number and contacted them to demand for the ransom after they were kidnapped.

“I was arrested for the offence of kidnapping. I abducted two children, one is Samson. I know them in my neighbourhood. I know them through Muyideen. We demanded N25million from the parents after abducting them on the football field in the evening.

“We used a motorcycle to kidnap them and took them to a bush that I know while rearing cows. 

We contacted the father through his mobile phone number, which my partner, Muyideen already knows.

“The children died from the effect of the rope we used to tie them before the date the parents promise to bring money, so we had to leave their bodies there and leave.

“While they were alive for four days, we feed them bread and drinks. After their death, we stopped contacting them because we no longer have need for the money,” he added.

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