Friday, 15 January 2021

Budding Nollywood Actress Dies From Coronavirus

Budding Nollywood actress Sotonye Green has died from Coronavirus complications She became the first person to have been confirmed killed by the deadly virus in the movie industry. The death of the Rivers born actress was made public by her friend, Debby King. Miss King said she had taken her to the Yaba Isolation Centre, blaming the Yaba Isolation Centre for killing the budding actress for their ineptitude. She announced the death on her Instagram page, saying, “Please and Please. Help spread the word. Yaba isolation centre is a death trap where only the rich and famous are treated after their doctors have been bribed. “I never thought I would be saying goodbye so soon. Rest in peace my bestie. May God forgive all your sins and accept your soul into paradise in Jesus name….Amen.” Sotonye Green is a budding actress known by many notable names in the industry.

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