Saturday, 3 October 2020

Raji Music "The Godfathers Of Fudrill" Releases Bobo New Single And Video

 RAJI Music’s ‘BOBO’ fuses the lively talking drums and traditional percussions of the Nigerian Fuji sound and the bouncy and rhythmic hi hats and speaker booming 808 UK Drill sound. The song is based off the famous ‘Consolidation’ by the Fuji legend KWAM1 (King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal), which is heard at the beginning of the song and blended into the track. Bobo will be recognized as the birth of a whole new sub-genre of music, Fudrill. You have never heard anything like it and you will never hear anything like it again. 

Bobo is the first single from RAJI Music’s upcoming and unannounced project ‘The Realm’ which is scheduled for release in January 2021. “With this project our main aim is to take the listeners to ‘The RAJI Realm, Bobo is just a taste of what the Rajification process will be like”. 

The Afro – Irish Trio consisting of Baba Raji, Ayo Tori and Junzy have come a long way. They are slowly but surely etching themselves into the fabric of the Afro-fusion genre. They write, vocalize and produce all their music with ease. The have a knack of effortlessly blending their sound with different genres and remaining authentic and original. They are on their way to the top and ready to take their music to the world.  

“RAJI Music have successfully raised the bar producing this seamless and pristine body of work”,
 Demi Benjamin, Trust it Entertainment Blogs

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