Thursday, 8 October 2020

Dele Odule , Kehinde Soaga Other Ogun Professional Entertainers Condemn N5m , House Donation To Laycon

The Ogun State Indigene Entertainment Professionals Forum have condemned in total terms, the 5 Million Naira and a house gift to the Current winner of the BBN Competition.

We view this gesture as ill-advised and a misplacement of priority for the Entertainment sector of Ogun State.

It is difficult for one to evaluate the relevance of BBN achievement as inspiration for our Youths.

Ogun state prides itself as foremost in quality firsts in Academics and other professions including the Entertainment. 

The state has produced entertainers, creative and sports personalities than any state in Nigeria. The youths can be inspired by Prof. Wole SOYINKA, Prof. Ebenezer Obey, D.Banj , Salawa Abeni, Jossy Friday, Falilat Ogunkoya, Anthony Joshua, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, Kenny Ogungbe and Crew, Tunde Kelani, Prof. Femi Osofisan, Bode Sowande and many more.

The Entertainment Industry in Ogun State has over the years enabled the State economy through job creation for Artistes and Crew. It is on record that 70% of Yoruba Films are made in Abeokuta, attracting artistes from far and near to the State yet this administration has not deemed it fit to interface with key stakeholders and members of this industry as done by past administrations.  

At a time when the Entertainment sector is still shut down by this government with no consideration and Palliative consideration for the sector as graciously done by most states in Nigeria. While Entertainment Practitioners in Ogun State are still under the Hammer of the Covid 19 Pandemic where the Governor ordered total closure of Entertainment Centres

The Ogun Governor doles out Five (5) Million Naira of Tax payers’ money and a House to an individual who has brought no Cultural, Traditional or Social value to the State. It is Sad. 

The Covid 19 pandemic calls for a reflection on how to assist the Entertainment practitioners as it is being done by other states for the Industry to bounce back.

We implore the present Government to make the peoples welfare its priority.

The Youth ambassador Honor does not represent the value and aspiration  of The Ogun State Entertainers and well-meaning indigenes of the state.

We call for immediate reopening of all entertainment centers with Covid 19 Directives adhered to so that all Entertainment Professionals can go back to their legal engagements






Prince Dele Odule                 

Barr. Tunji Bamishigbin       

Kehinde Soaga (dgn) 


For Board of Trustee

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