Thursday, 3 September 2020

Taxi Drivers Protest Petrol Price Hike In Abeokuta


Association of Taxi Drivers in Abeokuta metropolis staged a peaceful protest to Family 88.5FM, Abeokuta on Abiola way creating huge traffic jam on the major highway.

The drivers say the aporoached the station as they believe it is a station that government can hear their cry through.

They lamented that due to the very recent fuel hike by the Federal Government they are unable to follow the state government Covid-19 rule of carrying only 3passengers per trip as they are already running at a loss instead of doing profitable business.

The drivers further say their anger is further aggravated by the continued harrassmrnt and extortion by the men of the Nigeria police and TRACE.

Despite their being persuaded to take their protest to the State Governor to help them persuade the Federal Government, the drivers were seen enforcing their one-day strike of not carrying passengers as they started stopping other taxi drivers right in the middle of the major toad asking passengers to disembark.

This however has turned business in favour of motor bike okada riders who started picking the now trekking passengers off the road to their next destination.

It took the arrival of a police patrol team to disperse them before the traffic started having some gradual movement.

Source :Wahab Adelaja Kazeem 

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