Thursday, 20 August 2020

Sad Story: Airport Female Cleaner Honoured By Buhari For Returning Passenger's N17m Unable To Deliver 16 Months Pregnancy


Madam Florence in her current state with 16 months Pregnancy 

Her honesty resonated across the globe .

She was the junior staff at Lagos Airport who found and returned about N17m to a passenger at the Lagos airport 

That singular act fetched her accolades and even a commendation from President Muhammadu Buhari. 

But for some months now Madam Florence has not been the same again.

This is her story as told by Agu Obasi


Compare these two photos. The one of the pregnant lady is the current picture of "Josephine the honest" taken yesterday. The second is her picture taken with Ikem Okuhu the writer of the earlier story I shared here, were she was celebrated for returning 17 million Naira cash ,she found in the toilet of the Lagos International Airport.

What happened was that yesterday I saw her story and decided to share on my wall. When some of my friends saw it, they asked  for her contact details so that they can send her some money in appreciation of her good deeds. I am grateful to each and everyone of them, for their labour of love. 

To facilitate this, I reached out to Ikem, who kindly gave me her number. I spoke to her yesterday and advised her to expect the credit alerts. In the course of our discussions, I asked if she was in Lagos but she said no, that she was in Enugu state. Surprised I asked how she was going to work from Enugu. It was then, that she shared with me her sad story. 

 According to her, following her honest deeds in consistently returning the cash she found to their owners and in recognition of her integrity, she was elevated from cleaner to the position of handling luggages at the airport. There she continued displaying her exemplary character by twice returning cash that were lost by their owners, the first in US dollars and the other in hundreds of thousands of Naira. 

This once again attracted accolades culminating in her being invited to Aso Rock by ICPC to be given an award.

Unfortunately her good fortune and soaring reputation may have attracted the evil wrath of envious men. 

When I spoke to her yesterday, She told me that since she became pregnant 1 year and 4 months ago, she has not been able to deliver her baby. 

She has been carrying the pregnancy for 16 months.

She said the doctor she approached to induce labour bluntly told her that such exercise, even a cesarean section will lead to her death. 

She was told that her only option is to seek spiritual intervention.  

I have been greatly saddened by her story. This is a lady that has been a sterling citizen. A virtuous woman. A lady that deserves to be celebrated by all of us but now abandoned to suffer alone by the cruel hand of fate. 

Somebody must have decided that she cannot come to work and continue returning lost cash if she is burdened by an unending pregnancy. 

Even though sometimes we refuse to believe that such diabolical plots are possible, but the truth is that the hearts of men are desperately wicked. 

I have prayed with her.

I believe God will answer her cry.

I have also approached prayer warriors and Pastors of Mountain of Fire to join me in that prayer. 

In addition, this morning, I spoke to Dr Ibrahim Wada of Niisa Premier Abuja, who has kindly accepted to contact her and advise on what medical intervention may be neccessary at this point.

I know there are powerful men and women of God who are my friends here. 

Please pray for her. 

We must never allow the plans of evil men for her to manifest. 

Let God destroy the works of satan in the life of Josephine the honest. -

 Source : Agu Obasi.

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