Thursday, 27 August 2020

Nigeria ,Ghana Go To "War" On Twitter

There is an ongoing war on Twitter between Nigeria which is now trending on number 2 the last time CKN NEWS checked 

Tagged #GhanavsNigeria the "war" as it were has generated so much comments from citizens of both countries throwing tantrums at each on which country is better 

The war ranges from Politics to entertainment, sports , infrastructures , Electricity, good roads etc involved posting of comments backed with pictures 

The war is still ongoing with no let off 

CKN News investigation revealed that the later Twitter war started because of a video posted by a popular  Nigerian comedian comparing Nigeria with Ghana

This is not the first time both countries are squaring against each other on Twitter 

There have been the  Nigeria Ghana jollof rice war in the past that even attracted the notice of CNN anchor person Richard Quest

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