Thursday, 27 August 2020

My Battle With Cancer ...US Based Eucheria Mbachu Narrates Experiences


A US based Nigerian lady Eucheria Mbachu has taken to her social media handle to narrate her battle with cancer 

Here is her unedited post 

"Four months undergoing chemotherapy, weeks later after the chemo treatment, I started radiation, which I hated from the bottom of my heart. While all these were going on, my faith was never shaken, because, I believe, I had only 2 routes, life or death, hey, so why worry when I had no power to change what God had already decreed. 

I tried as much as I could to break the news to my family without making it sound like a death sentence, left for me though,  I would just have say it as it was, but one of my brothers, a medical doctor, told me that he would be the one to tell them whatever was going on. So when he broke the news to them about my diagnosis, my big sister, called me, Ukay is it true that it is not a big deal, I said yes, then she added, but why the word cancer?, with a big huge exclamation , she hissed hmmmmmmmmmmmm, ooooooooo!

This exchange between me and my family always makes me laugh whenever I remember their reaction.  They were praying for a miracle for my cure, and told and said that it was not my portion to have cancer. First I told them, I did not need any miracle, I only want them to pray for God’s will for me, and asked if they feel it is not my portion, whose portion do they think it is then? 

Then one of my sisters retorted, pray your own ooo, please don’t mixed prayers with ours, I can see your prayers might spoil ours before God” This she said out of desperation, hopelessness and the fear of death for  a loved one.

As the chemo started to take a toll on me, Dr. El- Shami, told me to go out there do all that I was used to do, dance, run swim, don’t let it get on you. Because he said, once the chemo weakness and tiredness comes in, you succumb, it is always hard to get up. The nurse echoed same, dear, she said to me, don’t let the nausea starts before you start, take the anti-nausea medication before you feel it, and because once it starts it does not stop until it weighs you down. I did as she suggested, she was right.   

The insurance company came with their Shanghai by refusing to pay for the medication that would otherwise boost my immune system. The IV is administered 24 hrs. after each chemo treatment.

 Their argument was that I was not sick enough to receive the treatment I was running and carrying on as if nothing was going on despite the hell that was unleashed on me

 There was no way I would have been here  today without that medication. I was so scared because just a dose of the IV costs six thousand dollars (6, 00.00) which I had to take throughout the treatment. I asked the doctor if the hospital was going to stop the treatment because the insurance company refuses to pay. Dr. El-Shami, puts his hand around my shoulder and said, don’t even worry or lose sleep a second over it. He told me he had already written them, they insisted they would not pay for it. Then he promised that the hospital would sue them. Whatever the hospital did, the bill was taken care of. 

Thank God I had a hospital that cares not only for my health but also that made sure that the financial stress of it should not be part of my problem. 

They had even written and send me a form to fill so whatever unpaid bills (which is in the $230, 00) the hospital will help to take care of it.

This picture was taken on my last day of radiation treatment

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