Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Billionaire Fraudster Hushpupi Trial Begins In California,USA

 Alleged web fraudster Ramon Olorunwa Abbas prevalently known has Ray Hushpuppi has been arraigned in an American court in California as his trial begins on October 13 in view of his ongoing fraud case in the United States of America (USA).

Ray Hushpuppi is known for flaunting his lavish way of life on Instagram was arrested in Dubai by special operatives of the Emirati police and American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Hushpuppi was 1st extradited in July to Chicago in the United States where he was first arraigned, he was transfered however to Los Angeles because the court in Illinois did not have jurisdiction over the case, and he jas been in the custody of the U.S Marshal in federal prison.

Hushpuppi entered a plea, claiming he’s innocent of all charges against him. Hushpuppi and his Lawyer, Vicki Podberesky, a highly respected lawyer in California agreed to go to trial.

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