Friday, 21 August 2020

16 Months Pregnancy: Hope Rises For Woman Honored By Buhari For Returning N17m


Some respite and hope seems to be coming the way of Mrs Josephine Ugwu , the honest woman that was celebrated by President Muhammadu Buhari for returning thousands of dollars worth about N17m she found at the Lagos Airport few months 

CKN News reported that Mrs Ugwu who was reported to be finding it difficult to deliver her 16 months pregnancy. 

Latest report has it that renowned Gynaecologist Dr Wada has requested for her medical files and is now ready to handle her case .

This is the post by the individual who initiatially spoke and posted her story 


Dr Wada has spoken to her. He told her to bring all the previous medical tests she had in Lagos.

Unfortunately she did not come down to Enugu with those tests.

She would need to conduct another set of tests.

We have identified and contacted a reputable Medical doctor with an outstanding medical facility in Enugu.

I have asked him to take up her case.

The doctor has spoken to Madam Josephine and she has booked an appointment to see him tommorow morning. 

Please continue to pray for her."

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