Sunday, 26 July 2020

Exposed :Man That Dehumanized Female Friend Of Alleged Suspect In Viral Video Is A Police Informant

The identity of the man who was loudly heard in a viral video molesting a lady in Ibadan few days ago has been exposed. He is Tope Owoeye, a police informant.

Tope Owoeye, whom many people thought was a police officer in the viral video, was seen on camera harassing the lady, who claimed to have graduated from the University of Ibadan.

Unknown to many, Tope is a police informant but parades himself as a police officer attached to the Abba Kyari led team of the Inspector General of Police Mornitoring Team, known as IRT.

During the humiliation on camera, Tope was heard loudly asking the lady unprofessional questions in the video, “Where is the man that deflowered you; you wouldn't agree if I woo you

Tope Owoeye, known in the social circles, as Wyclef, a name he got from the popular American hip-hop artist, Wyclef Jean, is often found in the company of artistes.

The police informant was so boastful of himself and his nickname in the viral video that he kept asking the robbery suspect if he has heard of him in the past.

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