Friday, 12 June 2020

Yahoo Yahoo Boys Now Send Their Mothers Abroad To Steal Credit Card Details Of Foreigners..EFCC Chairman

The financial crime involvng Yahoo Yahoo Boys have been taken to the next level if the statement of the Chairman of the Economic Crime and Finacial Commission Mr Ibrahim Magu is to be taken seriously.

According to the EFCC boss who spoke today,said a new dimension has been uncovered by the agency which found out that there is an association that goes by the name Yahoo Yahoo Boys Mothers Association in Nigeria.

According to him, the modus Operandi the criminals is to send their mothers abroad, they, in turn, will hook up with men as lovers.

The mothers, in turn, steals the credit card numbers of the men and send the same to their sons in Nigerian who then use the information to defraud the owners of their money.

According to him, some of the culprits are currently being prosecuted by the agency.

He went further to say that the agency is still investigating the banks involved in the N500m cash seized from some Chinese men who wanted to use it to bribe some officers of the agency.

On the arrest of some alleged criminally minded money bags Huspuppi in Dubai,he stated that his agency is not involved in the arrest but will give Interpol all the necessary support where necessary.

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