Monday, 8 June 2020

Queens College Lagos PTA Vows To Investigate Allegations Of Past Sexual Harassment In School


In line with recent allegations of past sexual harassment with particular reference to year 2016/2017 in Queen's College, the investigation conducted by the PTA revealed that all coaches  associated with Queen's College except one, are adhoc staff and are currently disengaged from the school due to the current COVID-19 lockdown of schools. However the issue is being investigated by the appropriate authorities and no stone will be left unturned to get to the truth.

We  firmly align with the School Management's stern stand against all acts of  molestation, sexual or otherwise and will continually  aid in supporting and  upgrading measures  already in place to prevent recurrence.

This is currently being done via an online mechanism linked directly to the School Management, which swiftly  and confidentially engages  teachers, parents and students, with a view to fishing out  bad eggs  within the school. Anyone found culpable will face full disciplinary measures. There will be no sacred cows.

Analysis of the responses of our online complaint form also revealed that reported behavioural and discplinary cases are dealt with promptly and decisively.

The global rise in  incidences and reported  cases of the Girl-Child molestation and rape, is highly worrisome. To this end, the School Management is committed to maintaining high moral standards and ideals in Queen's College. Again, no stone will be left unturned to ensure this is achieved.

As the foremost, numero uno girl college and most sought-after female school in Nigeria, we will continue striving to retain and maintain the dignity of the Girl-Child and all issues related to her.

In every storm  we have weathered in the past, we have always come out bigger and  better. Lessons learnt and implemented, impacted positively on the college. Every situation compelled us to put in place measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our Queens; a safer haven for the Girl-Child.

Indeed we are always a step ahead of all negative situations that come up.

Recently, Behavioural and Anti-Rape Awareness Campaign was shared with our Queens via our various online Platforms with the theme: 'SPEAK UP, STEP UP, STAND UP'. A renowned Psychologist Dr. Mrs. Gbenu Akanbi of the University of Lagos, also had an online session with the students.

Similarly, the School Management in collaboration with the PTA is currently in the process of enhancing the capacity of the Guidance and Counselling Department to respond and take professional action on cases of all forms of molestation, discipline and academics.

As part of our resolve to always forge ahead, even in negative situations, the challenges posed by  COVID-19 Lockdown  not withstanding, our Queens are currently and continually engaged and motivated academically, morally and psychologically through the various online platforms  put in place by the School Management. This initiative is led by our hard-working and dedicated principal, Dr. Mrs. T.F.O. Yakubu-Oyinloye,  and supported by the PTA, selfless teachers and involved parents as well as renowned professionals.

We are currently brainstorming on reasonable, logical and workable ways  to ensure our Queens resume to an improved and safe environment with the intent of suggesting  modalities for resumption to aid  and speed up the decision making process  on resumption of schools by Federal Ministry of Education (FME). This will be communicated in due cause.

The entire Queen's College community is dedicated to the total well-being of the Girl Child.

NB: We advise parents to  be vigilant and observant on the activities of their  Queens. We have received reports of certain person/s calling our daughters and adding them to WhatsApp group without due clearance and consultation. The  true motive behind this act is not known to us.  We hereby dissociate ourselves from  this and all issues related to it. Parents are free as always to discuss any concerns or 'red flag' with the School Management and PTA EXCO. In every case, prompt action remains the mode of operation.

Our Queens,
Our Future,
Our Legacy!

QCPTA Chairman
Adewuyi Adedamola

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