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Chips Inserted Into My Body By US Immigration Officers Is Eating Up My Vital Organs..Nigerian Artiste Deported From US Cries Out

A Nigerian artiste who lived for about ten years in the United States of America has narrated the inhuman treated meted out to him by the American Government before being deported to Nigeria.

Mr Kunle Ajomale who spoke with CKN News narrated how a chip was inserted into his body by officials of the United State Immigration which has led to the damage of some of his internal organs including his testicles and navel

This is the unedited statement sent to CKNNews  by Mr Kunle Ajomale

 I Jacob Olakunle Ajomale entered the United States on April 12th 1997 with a visiting visa and become a permanent resident in Feb 2008.

On Jan 22nd 2009, I travelled to Nigeria for my father’s burial and on my way back on February 5th 2009 was arrested by Officer at the BWI airport Baltimore Maryland and taken to a cold room for nine hours of torture in order to make an incriminating statement of using a falsified passport in 2001.

I was convicted and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment at DC jail and Rivers correction centre North Carolina and was released back to the community on Aug 11th 2009 at about 7.00pm after being cleared by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

On or about August 15th 2009, I received a call to pick up my green card and passport at the ICE BWI airport office on Aug 19th 2009 but surprisingly I was rearrested by the same Officer Derrick who said they made a mistake to have released me.

While in detention at Worcester Detention Centre Snow Hill Maryland an ICE Officer- William Malone told me, I could be released but it was going to cost me money. I told my lawyer about it who reported to Senior ICE Officers. Investigation was carried out during which Officer Michelle Rawlings interrogated me and promised to get back to me, which she never did. Afterwards, I became the target for the officers. I was hospitalized on July 12th 2010 at Atlantic hospital for sinusitis and body weakness but was discharged abruptly without adequate treatment. I was maltreated by the three officers who flung me to an empty steel bed and I put in a grievance report concerning the issue.

In Aug 2010 I was moved to Fredrick Detention Centre, Fredrick Maryland and same aggression was repeated against my person. I was feeling vibration on my bed and reported to the authority but no action was taken. My roommate was my witness yet the issue was taken with nonchalance.

On Dec 3rd I was invited by the Chaplain Pastor John for bible study with two other detainees and coming back from the Chaplain’s office I felt strange movement in my umbilical cord and showed it to an inmate Mr Al. We quickly approached the officers on duty to take me to the medical unit but instead I was crushed to the floor by eight white officers and my pant and a chip was put in my anus. I screamed but no one could help me.

Since then, I’ve been feeling a lot of strange movements in my body. I was arranged to see the psychologist Ms Jessica who interviewed me and advised that I should be sent back to the unit having seen nothing psychologically wrong with me, but ICE refused.

Also, I was arranged to see the psychiatrist – Dr Brian Simms who said the same thing but I was still isolated. They even lied that I was planning to kill myself and put me under suicide watch. After about 48hours, my blood sample was taken and the report never got back to me till date as part of the grand agenda. I was called to see the Immigration Judge on or about Dec 17th only to be taken to another psychiatrist by name Andrew who interviewed me and I responded correctly.

Meanwhile I alerted the Nigerian Embassy, my family and my lawyer about my ordeal. I even sent a letter of complaint concerning my Immigration status to Senator Cardin of Maryland, but his reply was intercepted and sent back to him.

On Dec 2nd Officer Jaspal (ICE) and Officer Conrice (Fredrick Detention Ctr) came to me and told me my embassy said they will not grant my travelling documents unless I’ve been well treated for my sinusitis and back injury and so the following day, Dec 3rd 2010 I was asked to pack my stuff and to my surprise was flown to San Diego California. On getting there I was put amongst the mentally challenged and when I was interviewed by Dr Figured, a psychologist I told him how embarrassing it was for ICE to have artificially made this absurd arrangement.

At the San Diego detention centre, I met two Nigerians working at the centre, to whom I confided in about my ordeal so far. After the disclosure, the ICE moved me away to a private hospital – API under an Indian, Dr Issak. There I declined treatment and told the doctor nothing was wrong with me but I was forcefully given eight shots of injection, claiming he was acting on instruction given by ICE. At the hospital my head was seriously tampered with but no one to help since I’ve been taken miles away from my family, my attorney and the Nigerian Embassy. For weeks I couldn’t communicate with them.

When I realized my health was continuously threatened, I voluntarily decided to drop my Immigration case and opted to come back to Nigeria in order to save my life.

On Feb 24th 2011, they moved against their agenda and unwillingly brought me back to Nigeria. But at the California airport, the officers bypassed the screening machine but I refused. They yielded to my request after deactivating the screening machine, to cover up their shady agenda. At the United Airline departure point, my boarding pass read Jacob O. Ajomale (Sullivan Brain).

And on getting to our stop over at Ghana Airport, the two ICE officers lied that my boarding pass got lost in the plane in order to cover up the identity on my boarding pass.
When we finally got to Nigeria on Feb 25th 2011, I reported the device in my body to the Nigerian Immigration Department at the airport where I was referred to State Security Service (SSS) Officer on duty – Officer Hussein who documented the report and promised to follow up.

Before I left US, I spoke with my attorney Mr Richard on phone, who told me that they would remove the device moving and causing harm in different parts of my body. I keep losing weight, feeling sharp pain on my back and continuous head ache since the device was implanted.
In fact, on or about Dec 24th 2010, I reported to the officer on duty at the California detention officer that I felt a cut at the lower part of my back. The MRI of my lumbar vertebrae at the General Hospital Ikeja (BF Diagnostic Centre) attests to this. Each time I eat the food is sapped from my stomach.

I have scars in different parts of my body. I sleep and wake up with pains all over my body. The only time that I feel relief is when the aeroplane flyover my roof. I’ve held the device for times and took photographs of it; but it is so hard to cut. Also I’ve done abdominal x-ray but the device shifted and same thing happened when I did brain x-ray. Every moment since December 3rd, 2010 when the officers put the device in me, I’ve been through a lot of abuse, torture, threat (especially my heart) and humiliation.

This is a case of high-level human right abuse. In fact, I have no iota of privacy, it can even be said that my entire being is in the US while my body is remotely controlled, tortured and threatened daily by the US immigration authority. Only God knows the amount of harm the electronic device has done to my body

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