Friday, 22 May 2020

Queens College Yaba PTA Chairman Speaks On Innovative Side Of Covid-19 To Educational Sector

Every Negative situation comes with its merit, for us in Queen"s College, Lagos, it is an opportunity to bring our teachers closer to our students leveraging on technology.

We have designed and built user friendly customised access controlled E-Platforms for learning using videos and materials on the school portal to minimise the impact of mental idleness and boredom, which is one of the perils of this lockdown on  children.

Our teachers have  adopted the new way of teaching through Interactive Boards and Simulated Recorded Class environment. (IBSRC). During the course of this,   we have discovered that our children feel more connected to their teachers' teaching methods, hence  they are delighted with the advent of E-Learning initiative by the Director/Principal Dr. Mrs T.F.O. Yakubu-Oyinloye.

Another advantage of this new dawn is the emergence of an E-Library that will serve as resource and learning aids for our Queens now and in the future.

 Furthermore, the lockdown has also opened up an avenue for  resourceful parents amongst us be in same chat room with our Queens and  share professional lessons in diverse fields ranging from  various subjects like mathematics to diverse topics on Psychology: 'Improving Academic Excellence', 'Mental Health Awareness'  'Handling Bulling and Peer Pressure'  to mention a few. These were handled by renowned professionals in their fields, while Dr. Gbenu Akinwale of the University of Lagos, handled the pychological mentoring, Professor  Moses Akanbi (Professor of Mathematics, Lagos State University)  tutored our Queens on diverse ways in improving their mathematical skills and excelling in external exams.

This lockdown has further connected  our Queens with their big sisters and Mothers: The Queen's College Old Girls Association (QCOGA). Through the Association's Youth Initiative and Technical Committee, they have began plans for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Training for 450 of our Queens. Various other mentoring projects in diverse areas is  also being put together for the educational growth and psychological wellbeing of our Queens.

Indeed,  for the Management Staff, Parents and Students of Queens College, it is a time of reflection, improvement and renaissance. Our selfless teachers  have with great zeal and optimism adopted the new technological approach to teaching  and have become very familiar with technological tools via the use of  Zoom, Edmodo, Google Classroom, Telegram, Whatsapp, Webex, Freeconference and other online avenues for teaching.  Needless to say, their presentation skills has been enhanced due to professional and 'self' trainning. They have adapted and  embraced the usage of Powerpoint and other interactive technological accessories. Our students  now enjoy
 learning from the comfort of their homes across the country. 

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA)  hereby appeals to the Federal Ministry of Education  to assist schools across the country preserve knowledge using electronic means. This should proceed beyond this Lockdown.

Recorded Knowledge is priceless and we have come to appreciate this with COVID-19.

We appreciate the Director/Principal, Queens College, Lagos and her Management team for bringing to light this  laudable initiative which ensures that our  Queens stay engaged during the lockdown. I also appreciate my colleagues in the PTA EXCO, parents, teachers, SBMC, QCOGA and FME for embracing this  Academic  initiative.

Damola Adewuyi
QCPTA Chairman

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