Saturday, 16 May 2020

Arrest Prophet "Indabosky Odumeje" Now To Avoid Breakdown Of Law And Order..Anambra Group Tells Police

The people of Awka in Anambra state have petitioned the commissioner of police Anambra state, asking him to investigate and prosecute the controversial Prophet Odumeje over the trending video on social media where the prophet castigated ndi Awka and threatened to deal and destroy their culture and tradition as represented by Imo Awka.

According to the petition, Ndi Awka told the commissioner of police that they wrote to him to bring Odumeje to justice to avoid total break down of law and order in Awka as their youths are threatening to burn down Odumeje's church and beat up anyone who attends his church within their community.

Odumeje was alleged to have said that ndi Awka are foolish and stupid people for having monkey as their idol. Ndi Awka are not taking this assault lightly. Like ndi Arondizogu, they are posing for a showdown with Odumeje.

The petition said that ndi Awka are greatly enraged since the video went viral and that every community in Awka is tensed and that they are puzzling for war against Odumeje.

The petition also alleged that some adherents of Odumeje after hearing the message are threatening to set Imo Awka ablaze in compliance with the teachings of their prophet.

They therefore asked the commissioner of police to do the needful before the situation degenerates.

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