Monday, 18 May 2020

Another Gallant Force Against Banditry Killed In The Line Of Duty

This is Muhammad Sani , he is the leader of the Hunters operating in Naraguta area of Jos. He alongside SARS officers were responsible for the rescue of the late lecturer's daughter that was killed in Staff quarters.

They rescued the lady and arrested the kidnapper in charge of their upkeep yesterday. They also rescued an Igbo boy who was kidnapped in Eto Baba.

In the evening of yesterday, Muhammad Sani alongside other hunters saw the remaining kidnappers who didn't know their member was already arrested moving towards the mountains, they followed them and on getting to their camp, they exchanged fire with the kidnappers, unfortunately, Muhammad was hit by the kidnappers bullet. He was hit on the eye and he died paying the supreme price.

Source:Ibrahim Itsenyabi

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