Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Lockdown:Policemen Injures Nurse On Her Way To Assist Pregnant Woman In Labour In Ondo

Some policemen in the Odo-Irele area of Ondo State have injured a health worker who was called to rescue an emergency case of delivery in a hospital.

It was gathered that the victim, Modupe Ajama, a registered midwife was on her way to the hospital around 8pm on Monday when she met four different police checkpoints.

Ajama explained to them that she is a midwife and there was an emergency situation she was going to attend to at work, showing them her identity card.

She was released at the first, second, and third checkpoints, while on a motorcycle.

It was gathered that two officers at the fourth checkpoint were said to have thrown a log of wood at the motorcyclist while in motion, which made him lose control of the motorcycle and both of them fell and sustainable serious injuries.

The policemen were said to have fled the scene without attending to the wounded midwife and motorcyclist.

Unfortunately, the woman could not recognise the security operatives who attacked her because it was dark.

When contacted, the spokesperson for the State Police Command, Tee-Leo Ikoro, claimed that those who attacked the woman were vigilante men and not the police.

He said when the motorcyclist sighted the vigilante men at a distance, he quickly made an attempt to turn back, thereby losing control and crashing into a ditch and sustaining injuries.

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