Sunday, 19 April 2020

Covid-19 Palliatives:CKN News Foundation Empowers 20 Nigerians

The CKN News Foundation has empowered some vulnerable Nigerians as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility at this crucial Covid-19 lockdown.

The Publisher of Nigeria's high flying online media platform Chris Kehinde Nwandu disclosed this in Lagos.

He stated that 20 vulnerable Nigerians benefitted from the cash palliatives donated by some ardent readers of the online platform.

They were each credited with N5,000 each while one of the beneficiaries a journalist whose condition was so critical received N15,000.

According to him, the most astonishing part of the scheme was a lady who returned a cash donation credited to her account twice.

The lady,a mother of three whose husband is down with a stroke despite her predicament was so honest to bring this to the notice of the foundation.

Her sincere gesture earned her additional payment from the CKN News Foundation.

Chris Kehinde Nwandu thanked all the donors for their sincere and kind gesture to the poorest of the poor and needy and call on the Federal Government to be sincere is its distribution of cash transfers to indigent Nigerians

The CKN News Foundation over the years has been at the forefront of empowering needy Nigerians especially widows

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