Monday, 20 April 2020

21 People Die Of Coronavirus In Nigeria As Total Infection Hits 627

Eighty-six new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), taking Nigeria’s total infections to 627.

The NCDC confirmed this late on Sunday via a statement on Twitter.

According to the agency, of the 86 new cases, seventy were in Lagos, seven in FCT, three in Katsina, three in Akwa Ibom, one in Jigawa, one in Bauchi and one in Borno.
    FCT- 88
    Kano- 36
    Osun- 20
    Oyo- 16
    Edo- 15
    Ogun- 12
    Kwara- 9
    Katsina- 12
    Bauchi- 7
    Kaduna- 6
    Akwa Ibom- 9
    Delta- 4
    Ekiti- 3
    Ondo- 3
    Enugu- 2
    Niger- 2
    Benue- 1
    Anambra- 1
    Borno- 1
    Jigawa- 2


    One case previously reported in Kano, has been transferred to Jigawa state.

    Therefore, the total number of confirmed cases in Kano is 36 as at the 19th of April 2020

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