Monday, 16 March 2020

Opponents Soft-pedal, To Offer Adams Oshiomhole Resignation Option

There were indications that governors who were bent on Oshiomhole’s removal, had soft-pedalled.

Although it was gathered that the governors were still insisting on his removal, he would be allowed to resign in order to get a  federal appointment.

Multiple sources within the party’s NEC who confided in one of our correspondents, in Abuja, on Sunday, confirmed that Tuesday’s NEC meeting would  be held as scheduled.

A  NEC member, who spoke on condition of  anonymity said, “We are considering our options and preparing the party to face future beyond Oshiomhole. Governors and major stakeholders are talking, and if you listen to even those supporting him, what they are saying is that, the chairman should not be humiliated out of office.

“Giadom is not acting on his own even when you read through the letter Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu wrote earlier today (Sunday), he acknowledged that much. But his intervention is coming a little bit too late, the train has left the station.

“Without being told, you should know that with the number and calibre of persons who attended the South-South stakeholders’ consultative forum last weekend, this movement to take back our party is not a hoax.

“The man may be simply asked to resign because security reports on him and the fortunes of the party are to the effect that if he retains his seat, mutual suspicion may deepen and hamper the chances of the party going forward.”

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