Saturday, 8 February 2020

Twitter User Lambasts Yemi Osinbajo For Causing Passenger Planes To Hover In The Air For 20 Minutes

A twitter user by the name Natasha Akpoti has berated Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for causing a delay on flights flying out of the Federal Capital Territory.

She alleged that five aircrafts meant to land at the Airport were made to hover in the air for over 20 minutes just because of the Vice President 

The tweet which has gone viral goes thus

Natasha Akpoti wrote:This must STOP 🛑

Abuja airport closed for 20 minutes as @ProfOsinbajo flew out.

We (@flyairpeace) & 4 other airlines hovered in Abuja’s airspace for 15 minutes waiting for clearance to land.

Imagine fuel cost, risks, etc

Natasha Akpoti a politician was a gubernatorial candidate in the last Governorship election in Kogi State 

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