Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Senator Elisha Ishaku Abbo Purchases N100 Tomatoes From 4 Year Hawker For N50,000 In Adamawa

Adamawa Senator who is currently facing trial over the beating of an Abuja sales girl Elisha Ishaku Abbo has narrated his encounter with a 4-year tomatoes seller.

Here is his narration

"On my way from Mubi to Yola, I stopped over in Loko Adamawa state to Commiserate with traders that lost their shops and properties to fire. I met this four (4) year old CHILD hawking tomatoes. I was moved to tears imagining “my daughter” a hawker at 4.

I asked her how much is a bowl of tomatoes and she said N50. I asked how much for the two bowls? She responded “hamsin” meaning 50 in Hausa language. She doesn’t even know that 50x2 = 100.

I gave her Fifty thousand Naira (N50,000.00) for the two bowls of tomatoes and gave her the two bowls back so that her mother will prepare a meal for her with it. I also told her to go to school. Little did I know that standing right behind her was her Father.

I will meet him soon to finalize her scholarship program.

That same day I supported the traders with a token of N250, 000.00 cash.

My dear brothers and sisters, we may end poverty, illiteracy and disease overnight. But we can end poverty, disease, Illiteracy and hunger starting with ONE PERSON AT A TIME.

We can do it.


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