Saturday, 15 February 2020

APC Chieftain Peter Esele Calls For Adams Oshiomhole's Resignation


APC : Time for Adams Oshiomole to go.

This is a difficult one to write, but there comes a time when you must make a clear distinction between individual and institutional interests. There comes a time when you must choose sides. This is one of such pivotal moments.

The National Chairman of APC cannot claim ignorance that the Deputy Gubernatorial candidate of the Party in Bayelsa was ineligible to contest the election which led to the Supreme court verdict.

His utterances about national issues has become a huge source of embarrassment to the party and the country at large. The APC as the governing party must do all it can to defend the institutions of the state no matter the pain or interests. Failure to do so is a recipe for anarchy.

The incompetence and corrupt practices at the national secretariat has resulted in the weakening of various important internal processes for the selection of party candidates .

The losses from this flagrant abuse of the party’s internal workings, have led to various court judgements against the party. States like Bayelsa and Zamfara now have to contend with Governors the people never voted for.

The APC has also been factionalised in Edo state with the tacit support of the National Chairman. Neither faction will be able to fulfil the required provision by our party’s processes and protocol.

APC has outgrown the kinds of theatrics displayed by Comrade Oshiomole who ironically, was also a product of court processes. The time is now, to thank him for his services to the party and move on.

Or, are we going to wail again, when the courts intervene to sack our candidate in Edo state?

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